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In 2011, after more than 25 years of working for corporate America Susan developed a business plan, researched the market and landscape, and figured how to leverage her 401K and Pension. She quit her job, packed up her belongings and traveled 900+ miles to open a vacation retreat that was meant to target a growing segment of health-conscious women. Susan purchased a historic mansion in downtown Denver and after several intense months of renovations, repairs, and retrofitting the mansion (which for years had been used as a law office) officially unlocked the gates in December and greeted her first arrivals.

Sometimes You Gotta Lose The Mansion is her story of triumphs, trials, and tribulations of opening and operating a small business. She shares her mixed story with simplicity and sophistication, keeping with the approach she used as she operated the Emerson Mansion.

Every chapter captures an inspiring moment of challenge and how she personally overcame many common pitfalls experienced as an entrepreneur. The book is meant to be a quick, concise read that will allow the reader to engage with Susan's experiences, reflect, and then recreate the story to tackle entrepreneurial issues realized or potentially still to come.